After bringing life to Mars, Zeus rules over it, with the help of his wife, Hera. His two brothers are each in charge of their own domain, Poseidon ruling religion while Hades commands the business world. But there’s always a threat to Zeus’ throne, and for that, Mars needs heroes.

Odysseus, the reluctant leader of Mars’ protectors. Achilles, the guardian, immune to harm and ready to stretch his muscles. Ismene, the moral warrior who seeks and enforces her own brand of justice. Perseus, the genius teenager who is still new to the idea of being a hero. And Medea, the cynical chemist whose been burnt before. Together, they must stop those who would wish to overthrow Zeus.

Created & Written by Gabe Schmidt
Illustrated by Nicolas Giacondino
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire

Managed, Edited, and Published by Outland Entertainment

Cover colors by Jeremy Mohler for Outland Entertainment
Logo design by Edward Lavallee for Outland Entertainment

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